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2017 Newsletters

  January  45th Annual Print Show
  February  Country Roads Competition
  March  Charlie Baglin
  April  Historic Bluegrass Competition
  May  No newsletter published
  June  No newsletter published
  July  Abstracts of Nature
  August  Automotive
  September  Jonathan Adams
  October  Bridges
  November  Annual Print SHow
  December  Christmas Party

2015 Newsletters

  January  44th Annual Print Show    
  February  Animals
  March  Animals & Awards
  April  Abandoned & Insect Salon
  May  Adam Jones
  June  Street Photography
  July  Jackie Hillyer
  August  Americana
  September  Ron Curtis
  October  FLowers
  November  John Snell
  December  Holiday Party

2014 Newsletters

  January  Henry Deitz    
  February  Member's Choice
  March  Guy Mendes
  April  Rusty
  May  Bill Fortney
  June  Birds
  July  Tom Fielder
  August  Boats
  September  Mary Rezny
  October  State and National Parks
  November  Gustavo Alfaro - Lighting
  December  Christmas Party and Awards

2013 Newsletters

  January  Dave Huntsman
  February  Gates & Fences
  March  Insect Salon
  April  Religious Places
  May  Kent Nickell
  June  Barns
  July  John Hockensmith
  August  People at Work
  September  Harry Hinkle
  October  Storms/Weather
  November  43rd Annual Print Show
  December  Christmas Party & Awards

2012 Newsletters

  January  Photographers Panel
  February  Night Photography
  March  Insect Salon
  April  Snow & Ice
  May  Harold Jerrell
  June  Macro
  July  David Stephenson
  August  Rural Scenes
  September  David Toczko
  October  Butterflies
  November  42nd Annual Print Show
  December  Christmas Party and  Awards

2011 Newsletters

  January  Ron Curtis
  February  Sunrises & Sunsets
  March  Insect Photo Salon
  April  Fungi
  May  HDR with Randy DInkins
  June  Fog/Mist
  July  Ron Elliot
  August  Historic
  September  Joe DiOrio
  October  Reflection
  November  41st Annual Print Show
  December  Christmas Party and Awards

2010 Newsletters

  January  Bill Fortney
  February  Facial Expressions
  March  Insect Photo Salon
  April  Animals
  May  Pam Spaulding
  June  Trees
  July  Matt Wooley
  August  Flowers
  September  Mary Renzy
  October  Cemetaries
  November  40th Annual Print Show
  December  Christmas Party and Awards