Levels Program

The club level’s program is designed to award points to members regardless of 
competitive class and shall take into consideration the involvement 
of the members in meeting competitions, annual competitions, competitions of other clubs,
special competitions, and involvement in the activities of the club in general.  

Level Achievement

The levels established by accumulation of points is as follows:

 1 75
 2 150
 3 300
 4 600
 5 1000
 6 1500
 7 2000
 8 2500
 9 3000
 10 6000

Additional Information

  • Members shall be given a certificate/award at the final meeting of the year upon the achievement of each level.
  • Any amendment to the level’s program shall become effective immediately and shall not retroactively affect any member’s point standing.
  • Members shall be responsible for notifying the person responsible for tabulating the Level’s Program points of activities outside the club in which points are earned. Members must submit this information within ninety (90) days following the completion date of the activity. Any submission not meeting the ninety (90) day timeline will not be counted. Any past CCC member, who has not been a paid member for five years or more, shall lose all past levels points.

Point for CCC Activities

The point system is established as follows:

Attend CCC meeting 1
Entry in CCC meeting or annual competitions (points per entry) 1
1st place (meeting or annual competition) 10
2nd place (meeting or annual competition) 8
3rd place (meeting or annual competition) 7
Honorable mention (meeting or annual competition) 6
Annual Print Competition: Best of Show 20
Annual Print Competition: Best Color or Best Black and White 15
Annual Print Competition: Club Choice in each category 12
 Chair CCC annual print competition 15
Help with annual print competition 5
Serve as president – per year 25
Club officer/director – per year 12
Chair a committee 8
 Chair a temporary committee 6
Member of committee 5
Present CCC program, workshop, or seminar 8
Present member slide show or present a mini-lesson 3
Critique a club competition 5
Serve as panel member for CCC Programs, workshops, seminars2
Organize/co-organize CCC outing,  field trip, etc. 5pts / day, max 15 5
Attend CCC  outing 2pts / Day, max 6 2
 Photograph community events as approved by board (ie Special Olympics) 5
Bring in new member who was not previously a CCC member 5
Exhibit prints at selected CCC site. One point per print for duration of exhibition of prints at that site, with a maximum of 2 points per exhibitor at each site. Limited to 12 points maximum per year. 1

Points for Non-CCC Activities

A minimum of 50% of points earned during any calendar year must come from club related activities. No more than 50% of points earned during any calendar year may
come from non-CCC club sponsored activities. These items are listed below.

Attend any photography class (6 hour minimum) 3
Attend any photo workshop/weekend open to public and not requiring another organizational membership.  3
Compete at any photo weekend or photo competition. Competition must be open to the public and not require another organizational membership.3
Present photography program to a club or other organization.  Attendance at program must be open to the public and not require another organization membership. Not to be done for pay other than reimbursement for expenses. Limited to 16 points maximum per year.4
 Present an exhibit containing a collection of personal works in a public venue (one point per work displayed and limited to 10 points per year). 1-10
 Judge photo contest for another club or organization. 5
 Teach a photography class at a public or private educational facility. 6