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Its a Shootout!

During our next meeting (May), the club will be judging a photo competition between the Greater San Antonio Camera Club and the Houston Camera Club. Each year one of the clubs chooses the location for the “Shoot-Out”, a date and determines the assignment categories. The photographers meet at the chosen location and have from sun-up to sun-down to photograph the selected assignments.

Also on hand will be Kent Nickell who will share his images with the club.  All this and more is in the May newsletter.

Insect Salon

posted Mar 17, 2013, 3:44 PM by Creative Camera Club

In March club president Tom Myers will present the 53rd North Central Insect Photographic Salon. The presentation includes outstanding examples of close up nature photography.


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Member Slide Shows are brief (5-7 minute) presentations by club members of their personal photographic interests and endeavors.  Sign up sheets are available at regular club meetings (3rd Thu).  We will endeavor to make several of these presentations available on our website using YouTube services.

Nancy Dawson is doing the MSS for March.

Jennifer Lackey is doing the MSS for April.

First Thursday in March

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Allen Dawson will explain and give examples of the new features in CS6, and then review some of the basics of Photoshop generally, emphasizing the three things to make your Photoshop experience more enjoyable, more efficient, and more likely to make your pictures look better - keyboard shortcuts, understanding and using layer masks, and making your own actions. The best workflow starts with using RAW processing before taking the picture into Photoshop proper, and examples of that will be presented. Feel free to bring your own laptop that has Photoshop on it (any version, not just CS6), but that is certainly not necessary.

February is Competition Month!

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Our first competition of the year will be held at our club meeting on February 21. The topic is gates and fences - Madonna Courtney will be doing the critique. Club members are allowed to submit up to two digital images which may be either color or black and white, The deadline for submission is always at 11:30 pm on the Tuesday of the week of the contest (Feb 19th this time). For digital image preparation tips and submission guidelines see the article in our member tips section.

Competition Topics for 2013

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February: Gates & Fences
April: Religious Places
June: Barns
August: People at Work
October: Storms/Weather

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