How to Do Stuff on the Creative Camera Club Website

This page is intended as a quick reference guide for common administrative tasks.
Logging In

Log in to an authorized Google account for out site.  The current site owners are and  

Other site editors are, and

The google accounts login URL is

Page Editing 

Creating a new Web Page

Click the new page icon at the top with the plus sign on it (next to the pencil icon).  Name the page, select the page type (web page, 

announcements, etc.) and select a page location in the site hierarchy.  Note: this does not connect the page to the menu system, it just 

creates the new page URL which can be used by anyone who knows it.  Site convention:  To look like the other pages on this site, after 

creating the page click More->Page settings, uncheck all boxes and hit Save.

Edit a Page

Click the pencil icon at the top.  Make changes and review to you page.  When you are finished editing click Save if you're satisfied or 

Cancel if you want to discard your changes,

Set the Page Layout

Click the Layout ment and select a layout.  You may edit in any of the layout areas.  The site layout predominately uses a three column 

layout with top and bottom heading sections

Click and type to add simple headings and text.  Highlight text and use formatting icons to change text appearance.  The current 

conventions used for formatting text on the site are:

Page heading (center top): normal, 18 pt, bold
Page heading text: normal, 12 pt, italic
Page subheading: normal, 16 pt, bold
Page text: normal, 10 pt

Adding a text box

In Edit mode, select the text to go in the box.  Click Ctrl-X to cut the text. Click Insert->Text Box and click below the formatting 

options and then click Ctrl-V to paste.  Alternatively, you can start with the text box and use the formatting options in the Text Box 

dialog.  When you are satisfied with you edits click Save which will return you to the main Edit page.  Note: at this point you will only 

see the text box as a Google Gadget until you leave edit mode.

Add a link

In Edit mode highlight the text you want to make a link and click the link icon (looks like a chain).  By selecting a choice on the left you 

may link to another page within the site, a Web address, or specify a script to run.  Click, type or paste the information desired and hit 

Okay.  You may optionally specify thether the link should open in a new window (or browser tab).

Site Editing


Click More->Sites Help to go to Google's Sites documentation.

Changing the Site Page Hierarchy

Click More->Manage Site->Pages.  All the pages for the site will be displayed.  You may click to go to any age on the site including those 

not connected to the menus or click-drag to move a page within the page hierarchy.

General Settings

Click More->Manage Site->General Settings.  You may rename the site, enter the site description, and control site access (among other 


Change Site Access 

Click More->Manage Site->Sharing and Permissions

Adding, Removing or Changing Pages in the Horizontal Menu

Click More->Manage Site->Site Layout->edit horizontal nav content.  Use this dialog to add, remove or move pages within the menu system.  

Change Site Logo

Click More->Manage Site->Site Layout->change logo and select a file on your computer to be the site logo.

Change the appearance of site elements

Click More->Manage Site->Colors and Fonts.  This dialog does more than just page tect colors and fonts.  It is also used to specify the menu appearance, the page background.

Change the Site Theme

Click More->Manage Site->Themes to preview and select a new site theme.

Change the Site Layout

Click More->Site Layout to Add or remove the site header, navigation, footer and to set the site width in pixels or as a percentage.

Using the Google Drive with Our Site

To use Google Drive with our site log in as  The password is "Crestwood".  Select Drive.

Creating Files and Folders

Click the red Create button and select an object to create

Moving files and folders

In the main window click-drag objects to their desired location

Adding existing files from your computer

In Drive navigate to the folder you wish to store the file.  Drag files directly from Explorer windows or the desktop to add new files to Drive.

Deleting Files

Select the file using the checkbox next to the file name and click More->Remove.

Sharing Files

Sharing a folder shares all the contents of the folder with the same permissions of the folder.  Select folders or files to share and click 

the Share button (person with a plus sign).  To share a file from the website the sharing access should be changed to "anyone with the link".  

Multimedia Page Elements

Adding an Inline Image from Google Drive to a Page

Upload the image to Google Drive.  Share the image.  Make sure the permissions are correct and select and copy the Link URL.  In Edit 

mode on the website, click Insert Image where you want to insert a new image.  Click Web address (URL) and paste the link you copied. 

 The link will have a globally unique identifier such as the one below.  Change the link as follows: 

If you did this correctly you should be able to see your image.  Hit OK to add your image.

Adding an Inline Flash Movie Animation (SWF) File

Upload the animation (swf file) to Google Drive.  Share the file and copy the URL.  In edit mode where you wish to insert the animation 


<iframe src="SWF_URL" height="XXX" width="YYY"></iframe>  and replace IMAGE_URL with your URL, XXX with the desired 

height in pixels and YYY with the desired width.  Make sure to keep the double quotes around the parameters.  Change the URL as 

described for inline images (uc?id= style).  

Adding a Flash Movie Animation (SWF) File as a Link

This is used for the slideshow links of monthly winners which open in a new browser tab.  Type "slideshow", highlight and click the link 

and paste your SWF URL.  Change the URL as before (uc?id= style).  Check the Open in a new window checkbox and click OK.

Adding a Google Video file (e.g. FLV files from Proshow)

Upload the video file to Google Drive and share it.  Copy the URL.  In Edit mode on a site page click Insert->Video->Google Docs Video (not Google Video).  Paste in the URL (you to not need to change the URL format).

Creating FLV files with Proshow Gold

The following instructions are written for Proshow Gold version 5.  Older versions may be slightly different.
Open your slideshow in Proshow Gold
Hit the Publish button on the top menu
Under "For the Web" Select Flash as output type
Set the Options Tab as follows:
Resolution 480x270 px
Framerate: 30
Video Bitrate: try 1.5M Broadband
Hit the Create button and name your output file
Your browser will open and run your slideshow.  Three files will be created (.swf, .html, and .flv).  The file to upload to this site is the 

.flv file (flash video).

Your flash slideshow should be 50MB or less to upload.  If it is > than 50MB then repeat the steps above with a lower video bitrate.  

Each step will reduce the video size by approximately half.